My Request

When you pray, don't pray for me,

nor the lads with whom I fly,

For we are on a mission,

and well know we may die,

I've got the grandest crew,

and the best kite in the war,

So pray that strength and courage,

will be ours for evermore,

When the Hun is blasted,

by "RAF" Bomber Command,

Pray that good ol' "Purity"

is very close at hand,

Pray that fear is lacking,

as we cross the enemy coast

Pray that we have courage,

at the time we meed it most,

Pray that "Mac" is sighting right,

when le lets the ol' bombs drop,

And we'll be in there punching,

on our every "Op"!

J.W Kerr


Copied from Eastmoor Memorial. Mr. Kerr has granted me permission in writing to publish his poem on my website. Thank you very much Mr. Kerr.