429 Squadron Memorials in Yorkshire England and Trenton, Ontario, Canada


TRENTON Memorial

This is the memorial dedicated by 429 Transport Squadron on 30 April, 2000. This was done as part of a reunion of the WWII 429 Bomber Squadron veterans.

The inscription reads:

Dedicated to all

The men and women of

429 Bison Squadron

for service to their

Country Past and Present

In solemn remembrance

Of those who failed to return

April 30, 2000








The Eastmoor aerodrome is located near Sutton on the Forest. No. 429 (Bison) Squadron was formed at Eastmoor on 7 Nov 1942 as part of No.4 Group.

No. 432 (Leaside) Squadron arrived at Eastmoor on 19 Sep 1943. Been formed at Skipton-on-Swale the previous May.

No. 415 (Swordfish) Squadron arrived at Eastmoor on 26 Jul 1944. They were formed at Thorney Island on 20 Aug 1944.

The memorial is asundial of black slate set in a plinth of green Westmorland slate standing on a slab of Yorkshire stone. The plinth has the crest of the RCAF on one side, and the crests of the three squadrons on the other sides.

It was unvieled on 2 Jun 1990 by S/L WER Boone assisted by W/C McKay and S/L Sinton all of 432 Sqn.

The inscription on the monument reads:

This memorial is dedicated to all who served at Eastmoor in World War II, many of whom gave their lives, and in gratitude to the people of Yorkshire who welcomed them.

Erected by their families and former colleagues.

Dedicated this 2nd day of June 1990.


LEEMING Memorial




The RCAF Memorial of Yorkshire in Leeming village was unvieled on 19 June 1993. The memorial was unvieled by representative of three of the Canadian squadrons based there during the war: Group Captain Burnside DSO OBE DFC (427 Sqn), F/O Steve Puskas DFC (429 Sqn) and Mr D Petteys (408 Sqn).

The plaque reads as follows:

This memorial is dedicated to those men and women who served at RAF Leeming during World War II, including those from Royal Canadian Air Force Squadrons, whose members came from all parts of the Commonwealth from 1942 to 1945:

405 Vancouver 408 Goose 419 Moose

427 Lion 429 Bison

also to the many civilians who supported them during their term of duty in North Yorkshire. We remember to the RAF Squadrons who proceded the Canadians from 1940 to 1942:

7 - 10 - 35 - 77 - 102 - 219


Dedicated June 19, 1993



Standing in front of the Station HQ at Leeming is a commerative plaque dedicated to all personnel who served at Leeming during the Second World War.



Below a Canadian Maple Tree planted near the Station HQ at Leeming in May 1987 is this plaque. It reminds people of the time spent at the base by No. 427 (Lion) and 429 (Bison) Squadrons RCAF.