My Trip to the Lancaster X at Nanton, Alberta

Complete view of the Lancaster X in the museum hanger. You truly can not appreciate the size of a Lanc until you stand beside one. They are huge!

The bomb bay is 33 ft long. I am 5'11" and I could just barely touch the top of the bomb bay at the very end of it.

Good view of the nose showing the escape hatch.

A look at the starboard wing looking from the upper escape hatch. The wing tip is over 51 ft away.

A view looking back to the rear turret. There is a lot more room in a lanc than there is in a B17

When you enter from the rear and jump the wing main rear and front spar the first crew position is the rad ops. The next one past it is the Navigators, then the flight engineers which is beside the pilot. The glare of light on the right is the bomb aimer nose area.

The cockpit of the Lanc X