Bomber Command's Summary of the raid on Krefeld Germany 21/22 June 1943


705 aircraft participated - 262 Lancasters, 209 Halifaxes, 117 Stirlings, 105 Wellingtons, 12 Mosquitos.

44 aircraft were lost - 9 Lancasters, 17 Halifaxes, 9 Stirlings, 9 Wellingtons - 6.2% of the force.

This raid was carried out before the moon period was over and the heavy casualties were mostly causeed by night fighters. 12 of the aircraft lost were from the Pathfinders: 35 Squadron lost 6 of its 19 Halifaxes taking part in the raid.

The raid took place in good visibility and the Pathfinders produced an almost perfect marking effort, ground-markers dropped by Oboe Mosquitos being well backed up by the Pathfinder heavies. 619 aircraft bombed these arkers, more than three quarters of them achieving bombing photographs within 3 miles of the centre of Krefeld. 2,306 tons of bombs were dropped. A large area of fire became established and this raged, out of control, for several hours. The whole centre of the city - approximately 47% of the built-up area - was burnt out. The total of 5,517 houses were destroyed, according to the Krefeld records, was the largest figure so far in the war. 1,056 people were killed and 4,550 were injured. 72,000 people lost their homes; 20,000 of these were billeted upon families in suburbs, 30,000 moved in with relatives or friends and 20,000 were evacuated to other towns.


Minor Operatioins: 1 Mosquito to Hamborn, 15 OTU sorties. No losses.


Source: Bomber Command War Diaries: An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945