Bomber Command Photos


Scarecrow? The germans admit they never had anything that resembled scarecrow. This is a Lancaster from No.3 Group blowing up, probably from a flak direct hit, over Wesel on 19 Feb 45.

No.8 (Pathfinder) Group markers over Nuremburg 27/28 Aug 43

A target burning brightly on a night raid

One hazard over the target area was bombs falling on you from bombers at higher altitudes. This bombsite photo captured 2 bombers in its photo

A burning target becoming obsured by smoke

Flak trails

A brightly burning target

The Juvisy Marshalling yards before and after a Bomber Command attack in 1944

Kassel after the Bomber Command Op of 22/23 Oct 43

Before and after photos on the raid from Peenemunde

on 17/18 Aug 43

Lancaster on a raid to Duisburg on 14 Oct 44 releasing it's load of incendiary





Searchlights over Berlin

Attack on Gladback, 24 Mar 45, in support of 21st Army Group's crossing of the Rhine. This was the only machine lost. A Halifax from No.4 Group.