429 Squadron News


02 Jul 10: I have removed the online book for now to add some updates, especially those concerning W/C Owen. His family has provided me with some very important updates concerning his time at 429 Sqn. Yes, I am still alive and kicked and asking that if anyone has an information on anyone connected to 429 squadron during WWII please contact me at gkopchuk@yahoo.com

23 May 06: I have added an online book of what I have written to date. It is a history of 429 Sqn from Nov 1942 to the end of the Wellington period in Aug 1943. I do apologize for the formatting problems that appear in this version. The page is atOnline bookon the main page


12 Aug 04: I have added a map plot of all the Bomber Command losses and NJG pilot claims for the raid on Krefeld 21/22 June 43. The page is atKrefeld Mapunder the Bomber Command area


07 Mar 03: I have added a quick page on how to do research on anyone who served in Bomber Command. The page is atResearch


09 Oct 02: I have added a list of personnel posted to 429 sqn. The personnel list can be viewed at Personnel List


02 Oct 02: I have completed the Roll of Honour and have added a list of who became POWs. The POW list can be viewed at POW List


15 Aug 02: 429 Sqn will be holding a 60th Anniversary reunion in Trenton, Ont on 27-29 Sep 02


29 Apr 02: I have added the sorties for July 1943. You can link to it from the 429 Sqn history page and look for Sortie log


19 Apr 02: I have received a photo of Maj. Kurt Holler the pilot who shot down my uncle's bomber. Obtaining his photo was a 4 year project. I had numerous people help me in this endevour included a former NJG Experten, Peter Spoden. Had it not been through his efforts to contact Robert Gotha's wife I might sit be waiting. You can view the photo of Maj. Holler on my Dedication page


31 Mar 02: I have added a page to display each operational sortie of the Sqn. It included the aircraft id, crew names, time up & down and the intelligence debrief. I have from Nov 42 to June 1943. You can link to it from the 429 Sqn history page and look for Sortie log


09 Feb 02: Received a photo of W/C Savard and his crew just after they completed their tour of operations at 425 Sqn. Turns out the previous photo I had was of W/C Savard, however he looked over 40 in the photo. This photo I have shows him as the 22 yr old he was when he and his crew FTR'ed on 22/23 Jun 43. His photo is on the CO's page


03 Dec 01: I have added a photo of deBussac, Spence and Follows one of the 1st 3 crews posted to 429sqn. You can view it under the 429 sqn history, photos of 429 sqn


17 Aug 01: I have added a photo of P/O Ian Stirton a member of the first crew lost at 429. You can view it under the 429 sqn history, photos of 429 sqn


30 Jan 01: Just found out that P/O Platt was recommended for a George Cross for his actions at Spilsby. Somehow it ended up being a Mention in Despatches. The citation was provide to my via Frank Oylnyk from Hugh Halliday. You can read about P/O Platt under 429 Sqn, Bison Banter


22 SEP 00: Added an area about the Luftwaffe and their defenses against Bomber Command. First piece of info is a section about German Flak.


21 SEP 00: Added a link to Monty Burton's website. He was a navigator at 429 Sqn from March to May 1943 during the Wellington period.


20 SEP 00: I have located 1 of the 3 first pilots posted to 429 Sqn on 10 Nov 43, Stu Bruce. I have also located Don Ross who worked ground crew with the sqn from 1943-45 and sent me 3 photo albums of material. I have started writing the 429 Sqn history, it is 18 pages and growing


18 AUG 00: I have just added the photo of the last wartime CO I was missing, W/C J.A. Piddington. I received the photo from his daughter, Pamela Clancy. This now completes the collection of the wartime CO's! They are located in the 429 Sqn history section under CO's.


07 AUG 00: Updated the Dedication page to reflect new information as to who shot down my uncle's bomber. It was originally reported as being Oblt. Wilhelm Johnen. New evidence suggests Maj Kurt Holler.


07 JUL 00: Added the photo of the Memorial dedicated to 429 Sqn at Trenton, Ontario, Canada to the 429 Sqn Memorials found in the 429 Sqn History area. This page was formerly called Yorkshire Memorials

02 JUN 00: Added 3 more CO's pictures - See 429 Sqn History - CO's. Waiting for a photo of W/C Piddington from his next of kin. Added more info on the crash at Spilsby and P/O Platt including a photo of one of the burning Hally's - See 429 Sqn history - Bison Banter - Unsung hero

05 MAY 00: I have updated the projects area under 429 Sqn History - Bison Banter. I also received 4 photo albums at the 429 Sqn reunion and will slowly add the photos.

07 FEB 00: Added a table compairing Bomber Command to the 8th USAAF showing Sorites, Tonnes of Bombs dropped and losses by month. It is under the Bomber Command Area. I have also updated the status of my projects.

08 Jan 00: Added a story in Bison Banter about how the Sqn lost it's first Halifax

06 Jan 00: Added a few more crew photos. Updated the Missions list of 429 to include Operation Exodus. Updated my project status page, which is under the 429 Sqn Section.

15 Dec 99: I have added a new section under 429 Sqn. I call it Bison Banter after the Sqn newspaper. In there I will put stories I find about the Sqn. I also have a diary of projects I am working on concerning 429 Sqn

08 Dec 99: List of Operational missions are now complete for the period 1943-1945

06 Dec 99: List of Missions flown is complete for 1943 and 1945

02 Dec 99: Added more dates and objectives to 429 Sqns list of Missions flown

01 Dec 99: To the best of my knowledge the Roll of Honour for 429 sqn is complete. I believe it is the first time the 429 Sqn Roll of Honour has been displayed since 1946. The Roll contains the names of 382 young men who paid the supreme sacrifice in the defense of their country. Let us never forget their names or what they did for us...

29 Nov 99: Added a few new photos to the 429 sqn photos. Included is a picture when the Bison head was presented to the sqn. This past week I have received the 16mm microfilm of the 429 sqn ORB.

24 Nov 99: Added a page under 429 sqn listing evaders. The list is complete only to 1944.

07 Nov 99: Added more photos to 429 Sqn photos, added 4 more 429 Sqn CO's photos and added a few photos to Aircraft damage.

28 Sep 99: Completed the aircrew list for 429 Sqn to the end of 1943. Completed a list of sorties for 6 Group to the end of 1943. Added a section on my favourite books, which can be ordered via my website from Chapters.

27 Sep 99: Added a section under 429 Sqn with a list of aircrew. Added a section under 6 Group showing all ops 6 Gp participated in. Both lists will be updated on a frequent basis and are not yet complete.

26 Sep 99: Added a section under 6 Group about nose art. Working on a new section on Germany's defense against the night raids of Bomber Command. Received a copy of F/Sgt J. Kopchuk's military file from the National Archives of Canada.

23 Sep 99: We moved our website

22 Sep 99: Added a bomb plots sections and more photos of H2S images under the Bomber Command section

21 Sep 99: Added 3 crew photos. The quality is not good of these three. They are photocopies of photocopies from the Padre's scrapbook.

19 Sep 99: Added a list of Wellingtons that flew in the sqn with ID letters. Received the first installment of a photocopy of the Padre's book. This was a scrapbook of sorts that was kept by the Padre, S/L Harold Lowry. In it are notes about the Squadron, lists of those who FTR'ed and photos of them!

16 Sep 99: Completed the Roll of Honour as best I can right now. My list has 382 names. According to one source I have there should be 429 names in total.

14 Sep 99: Added an acknowledgement page. It lists all the people who have helped me in my quest. Added my membership to the Bomber Command Historians Society. Added a favourite link to the Nanton air museum. I was there today and crawled all over the Lanc and took lots of pictures. Bob Evans of the museum arranged an interview for me with Joe English, Lanc pilot 625 sqn.

13 Sep 99: Roll of Honour is complete to the end of 1944 for all personnel. The names for 1945 are for RCAF personnel only. Have added a complete list of personnel who received awards while serving with 429 Sqn. Added a section with the Memorials located in Yorkshire to the Sqns of 4 and 6 Group. Added a photo of Freeman Dyson in the ORS area of Bomber Command

9 Sep 99: Roll of Honour is complete to the end of 1944.

7 Sep 99: Added Bombing at 15,000 ft under the Flight Sim section. Added a new section under 429 sqn history. It is for the honours and award of individuals who served in 429 sqn. Completed the Roll of Honour list to 1943. Added more info to the Berlin raids under Bomber Command. Gave a presentation at the Edm Chapter of the Ex-POW RCAF Association. Talked about the importance of them telling their story about their service in Bomber Command. The more people know about what they did the less likely we are to repeat the past. Also talked about how difficult it is to find detailed information about what the RCAF did in Bomber Command. The presentation was extremely well received.

30 Aug 99: Added a several section under bomber command about the conclusions of the British Bombing Survey Unit, C-in-C's and R. Dunstan of 460 sqn, a section of AOC's of 6 RCAF Group, More photos for the 429 sqn crews and sqn life and I added a picture of the Cenotaph with my uncle's name on it to the Dedication page.

29 Aug 99: Added a new section under bomber command about aircraft battle damage and what the planes could take. It includes USAAF bombers as well.

25 Aug 99: Added 2 new sections under Bomber Command about the Battle of Berlin and Bomber Command/USAAF aircraft strength. Received a book I ordered The Strategic Air War Against Germany 1939-1945 (The Official Report of the British Bombing Survey Unit. Interviewed Mr. Ken Taylor who served with 102, 78 and 625 sqn. Mr. Taylor provided me with contacts to the following organizations: Bomber Command Association of Canada (BCAC), Pilot and Observers Association (POA) and Aircrew Association (AA). I have been in contact with Mr. Jack Western of the BCAC. He has provided me with the names of several former members of 429 Squadron.

20 Aug 99: Added a section under Bomber Command about the Operational Research Section of Bomber Command

19 Aug 99: Added more 429 crew photos and photos of 429 sqn, added the CO's area and the first CO's photo. Added list of Operational Sqns of 6 Group. Added information under bomber command about the summaries of sorties and losses and a comparison of USAAF and RAF bombing distribution

18 Aug 99: Added information under bomber command about H2S, 460 sqn photo provided by Bud Ward, and photos of raids from Bomber Command

11 Aug 99: Added new section under 6 Group. It is bombsight photos taken on raids by 6 Group Squadrons. This section will include the photos I collect from 6 Group veterans I interview.

09 Aug 99: I added more info about USAAF formations. Added a few sections in 429 squadron life. Added a poem written by a member of 429 sqn called 'My Request'

08 Aug 99: I interviewed Mr. Robert Card on 7 Aug 99. Mr. Card was a Halifax pilot and successfully completed his tour of 35 missions with 432 sqn. Mr. Card was also awarded the DFC. He is the first DFC winner I have met. He provided me with several excellent references for me.

06 Aug 99: Added a new section under 429 sqn History for crew photos. These will be for any and all crew photos of members of 429 sqn I can find. Added several sections under Aircraft. Right now I only have information on the Lancaster. I want to include the Wellington and Halifax.

03 Aug 99 Added mission details about the attack on Berlin 3/4 Sep 43. I have included excerpts from a copy of the Bomber Command Report on Night Operations 3/4 Sept 43. Night Raid Report No. 417. Very interesting read. I have put in just the highlights. Eventually I will add the whole report.

02 Aug 99 Added info on USAAF bomber formation

01 Aug 99 Interviewed Bud Ward, tailgunner 460 sqn. Shot down on 18th mission on raid to Berlin 3/4 Sep 43.

25 July 99 Added additional information in the Sqn History

24 July 99 Interviewed Ernie Nelson, 429 sqn Tailgunner, who was shot down on his 21st mission on 21 Nov 1944

23 July 99 Have now interviewed one former member of 429 sqn RCAF Manuel Raber. He was shot down on his 27th mission in 1944

22 July 99 Fixed up website

21 July 99 Clay "Pops" Thoreson has been gazetted for the VDFC