Bison Banter


This is the name of a newsletter that was circulated around 429 Squadron during the war. Since these are probably the kinds of stories published in Bison Banter why not use the same name?



A Night on the Rhur - This is P/O Steve Puskas, DFC story of his crew's raid to Essen, Germany on 25/26 March 1944. It is an extremely interesting article that he had published in Airforce Magazine.

An Unsung Hero - P/O "Pat" Platt - Pat was an F/E with 429 and was killed in an accident on 01 Nov 44. Pat and the rest of his crew had to ditch in the Channel on 17 Sept 44. Both accounts of these incidents were taken from the 429 Squadron ORB.

The first Halifax loss Read about the Sqn's first Halifax loss

 Projects- In here is an ongoing narration of projects Greg Kopchuk is working on in relation to 429 Sqn.