Bomber Command History 1939-1946



C-in-C BCWartime Commander in Chief's of Bomber Command

RAF Summary Bomber Command Summary of Sorties and Losses 1939-45

Strategic Air Offensive Summary by month comparing Bomber Command to the 8th USAAF listing sorties, losses and Tonnage of bombs dropped

Strategic Objectives BBSU summary of the offensive against Oil Plants

Berlin raids SummaryThe Battle of Berlin 1943-44

Krefeld MapPlot of NJG claims and BC losses Krefeld 21/22 June 1943

Mission summaries List of missions flown by Bomber Command and the Operational summary of each mission

Bomber Command Photos Photos of various raids by Bomber Command

H2S PhotosH2S the saving grace for Bomber Command

Bomb PlotsSome examples of bomb plots from Bomber Command

Operational Research SectionThe ORS advised Sir A. Harris on all matters concerning Bomber Command raids through scientific analysis. Included are excerpt from the autobiography of Freeman Dyson, who worked as a civilain in ORS during WWII.

460 sqn photos Bud Ward, RCAF, who served in 460 RAAF sqn provided these photos

Distribution of bombing A comparision of types of bombing target distribution between the USAAF and RAF

Aircraft availability Table showing Bomber Command aircraft available for ops by type with a summary of USAAF numbers 1939-1945